dinsdag 28 januari 2014

Juggernaut Danger Room Session Art Statue Kotobukyia

Marvel Comics Fine Art Statue 1/6 
Juggernaut Danger Room Session 35 cm

Itemcode: KTOMK164
Product weight: 3000 g
Product Size: 35 cm
Packaging: Cardboard box
Manufacturer: Kotobukyia
Limited Edition: TBD

Status: Pre-order 
Bestel: Info@collectiblezity.nl
Verwachte datum: 09/2014

Verzendkosten: Gratis
Adviesprijs: 259,00 € 
Onze prijs:  219,00 € incl 21%. BTW

Kotobukiya´s latest MARVEL COMICS Fine Art Statue comes crashing in with none other than JUGGERNAUT!
Juggernaut´s mighty physique is fully displayed with his rippling muscles expertly carved by master sculptor Erick Sosa.
Juggernaut towers 35 cm/13.8 inches tall in his classic costume, straight from the pages of Marvel Comics in a glorious 1/6 scale.
Juggernaut strides forward aggressively, smashing the symbol of Charles Xavier´s school under his feet.
Display alone or alongside other Super Heroes and Villians from Kotobukiya´s Marvel Fine Art Series. Have Juggernaut face off against the Hulk or stand alongside Magneto!

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